Saturday, December 13, 2014

Where did the time go....?

Hey, wasn't I just here yesterday and blogging about nothing?  I guess not because when I look at the date of my last post it is over a week ago.  Zowies...

Weather report...rain, rain, and more rain.  It washed out 41 roads, including ours.  The work they did this summer...the half assed work they did this summer...didn't hold up under the onslaught.  Shocker.  So after the cats, dogs, frogs, and fish which fell from the sky the couple inches of crush they put over the too-small culvert washed away and left the culvert exposed and two big assed trenches across the road right outside our driveway. The new bridge got washed away...over...and they closed that side of the road.  They poured another few inches of crush on the too-small culvert which means that come the next rainfall it too will end up downstream.  So the answer to the question, why does Nova Scotia have the shittiest roads and no money, was just answered...again. 

The hubby finished my xmas present yesterday, a new light box.  Yay me.  So if I ever get back to being creative in the drawing kind of way...I will be able to go to town on it. 

I'm contemplating teaching a writing class in the new year...but before I commit I want to make sure that I can keep all my ducks in a row.  And not sure how much of a hardship it will be to spend even more time away from Kitpu Estates.  Of course with the daylight coming back and the days being longer it may not seem like such a hardship.  Yes I know, me and my first world problems. 

Speaking of first world problems...I am off to try and see if I can rustle up some anti-stink formula for the dog.  I wonder if wiping her down with laundry sheets would work?

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I woke up this morning at pee o'clock to let the hell hound out.  It was fucking pouring outside.  Like buckets of frogs pouring.  She opted to stay in the house until I gave her a gentle nudge in the ass.  Yes it sucks to have to go outside to pee but thems the breaks when you're a dog.  About an hour later the skies dried up.  So yay us. 

After breakfast and some futzing around in the house I finally decided to come out to the Wookie Cave to do some creating.  And of course I am at the 'I don't know which I would rather do' stage of things.  Do I paint, or do I write?  That is the question.  Not quite as poetic as William S. but a conundrum nonetheless.  I have to get one more painting done in my series, and I want to finish a stool which I think I will be able to sell pretty easily.  And seeing as I need money so I can afford to get a good heater for the cave I really should work on the painting part.  But I happen to have this 'new book idea' blooping around in my head and it will not leave.  Perhaps if I can get an outline done it will leave me alone for awhile.  Most especially because I haven't actually finished the book I have been editing for the last thousand years. 

I'm trying a combination of electric space heater and a DIY flower pot/candle heater to see if it will help warm the space sufficiently.  The heater is pumping out the BTUs and sucking up money...the flower pot has four tea lights underneath it and has been burning for less than an is too hot to touch but the air is warm about four inches away from we will see.  Apparently it should be good for four hours. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Compared to yesterday, today is downright arctic.  It was zero earlier and now the temps have dropped to -4...with a wind.  Brrrrrrrrr.  Which means that if I decide to give up on my writing and go for a walk I will have to dress for it.  That part is good in one way (meaning that I actually have clothes that I can use to keep warm which is better than those who do not have the option) and bad in another...(dressing in thick layers means I feel like the stay puff marshmallow man). 

I'm torn between wanting to go out and kill some birds, or laughing uncontrollably at them.  Right now they are standing outside in front of the Wookie Cave, facing the wall, and hollering like four Banshees.  WTF?  Do they see their shadows?  Are they trying to convince me to open up the wall so they can come in?  Or do they have a death wish?  It is maddening and funny all at the same time.  We have a brick box with a light bulb in it in their coop.  The box stays warm and seems to do a not bad job keeping the coop warm, but the assholes don't like being in the coop for too long because they end up hating each other.  But they also don't seem to like being very cold.  A conundrum for sure.  It wouldn't be bad if they were so noisy sometimes. 

Okay...nuff said...back to thinking and writing and thinking some more. 

Monday, December 1, 2014


So I baked some cookies for the book launch thing yesterday.  They turned out to be yummy...not yesterday because I didn't try any( but as I write I am sampling some of the ones which did not make the grade for public consumption).  The author did an amazing job at her launch.  Chatty, informative, with just the right amount of reading.  I think that if there were any people there who did not know her, she probably inclined them to buy her book.  I hope when it comes time for me to do a book launch I will be able to pull something like that off.  It has to be better than hiding away from everyone in the bathroom.  Just guessing here. 

The weather is kind enough to be in the double digits today, which I think is pretty decent of it considering that it is the first of December.  And considering that it is -33 in the town I used to live in out west I can put it on my grateful list.  That is if I kept such a list.  Which I think I actually do.  It counteracts the "woe is me, my life sucks, why does everything bad have to happen to me" list that the hubby keeps.  I can't even imagine how sucky life would be if we both had that kind of list.  I probably would have opened a vein years ago.  

Well I best get back to writing.  Currently I am finishing a short story about the time my dad escaped to Italy across the Alps during WWII.  Once that is done I will go back to editing.  Joy.